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Welcome to Food Sense!

The world is what all of us are. We are what we eat. And food is the one of many things that brings the world together. I just love everything about food that includes how it is grown, various ways of cooking, and how diverse cultures cook similar ingredients.

I got interested in cooking during my teens. Being born and brought up in a traditional Indian family, mom and aunt’s were always busy preparing food for breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner. I never got a chance to cook at that time but was an observer. Maybe I was making mental notes of these recipes. I could guess what’s cooking as soon as I stepped in πŸ™‚ and mom would lovingly smile at me.

Those were the fun times. After 12th grade, I chose Food Science for B.Sc. and Clinical Nutrition, and Dietetics as majors for my master’s degrees in India. My hometown did not have good schools/universities for Nutrition or dietetics and hence, I decided to move to “Aamchi Mumbai” for Master’s Degree. During my high school and undergraduate years, I was overweight by 20 pounds. I was always on a heavier side and this had tossed my metabolic system. Irregular eating habits, hormonal changes, laziness, etc. are the ones to be blamed.

As I learned about food and its composition and what impact it has on our body; I started applying that knowledge on myself and saw an amazing transformation. Never had I thought that small changes would lead to such a great life I have now. I finished my masters in India. I have worked at different avenues in the field of nutrition and dietetics. The list involves working with a celebrity dietitian, a consultant for start-ups, sports nutritionist for a gym, menu planner/ recipe developer for a start-up, etc. I am still maintaining my weight with regular food that is available everywhere, nothing fancy. One key thing that I have learned is, never give up on anything if you really want something, it will naturally gravitate towards you.

I moved to Canada for another master degree πŸ˜› Oh yeah, I loved studying. Student life was so dynamic, how I miss that now 😦 I studied Food Science at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Learned some really cool aspects of the food industry. I became more vigilant now as I would walk the aisles in grocery stores. I read the nutrition facts table and ingredients of everything that I would buy. Trust me it’s a very good habit. You should know what you are feeding your body.

I love to cook and always ready to create recipes in spite of busy schedule. Eating out a lot is unhealthy and can be expensive if you are living on a budget.

This blog is a platform of my DIYs, thought process, what I eat and fun facts about food and nutrition.


Neha β™₯️


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