Lettuce & Celery Salad

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing a simple, speedy and delicious recipe of Lettuce & Celery Salad. 

A lot of us get confused by thousands of salad dressing options available in stores. It is  overwhelming to me. If you read the nutrition labels of these dressing the sodium content is so high and the ingredients list is never ending.

A good salad should have sources of micro nutrients. Then to make these nutrients bio-available all it needs is little fat and acidity. This salad is speedy because you don’t have to prepare a dressing in advance. How convenient is that! It has very basic yet nutritious ingredients. I never make salad in advance, I chop veggies fresh just before my meal-time.

What I like the most about this salad is that how in all the greens cranberries stands out bright. Another thing is I have not added any oils to it. Avocado and sunflower seeds are the sources of fat for this salad. After mixing avocado just vanishes from it 😉

Here is the recipe of healthy salad-


Iceberg lettuce, roughly chopped- 4 cups

Cucumber, sliced- 1 cup

Celery Stalk, chopped- 2 no.

Avocado, cubed- 2 Tbsp

Sunflower Seeds- 1 Tbsp

Cranberries, Dried- 1 Tbsp

Juice of Half of Lime

Black Pepper Powder- Less than 1/4th Tsp

Rock Salt- 1/4th Tsp


Add all the ingredients in bowl. Mix them until evenly mixed. Serve and Enjoy!

Here is step by step recipe video- Lettuce & Celery Salad

Lettuce & Celery Salad




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